The model in the middle of Älvrummet gives you an overview of central Gothenburg, now and in the future. Here the wooden blocks show existing buildings in Älvstaden’s various sub-areas, while the white blocks symbolize buildings that will be in the future – everything from visions to already adopted plans.

The model began to be built in 1993 and was in the first years in Vita Hallen, Eriksberg. After moving around between different stores, 2008 came to the Älvrummet then room at the Kanaltorget outside the Gothenburg Opera. Just under ten later, the model was back at Lindholmen in Älvrummet’s new premises.

You as visitors can take part of suggestions and ideas, but also contribute with knowledge and own thoughts about central Gothenburg’s future. The model can also act as a tool for those who work with urban planning, as you can put buildings in different contexts.

The model shows Gothenburg on a scale of 1: 400 and has both been expanded and re-designed. It now covers 60 square meters and weighs 2.5 tons.