A guided tour of Älvrummet

In Älvrummet you can get a free guided tour of Älvstaden. Come yourself or book a tour for a whole group.

A view takes about an hour. During the tour, we tell you about the different areas that are part of Älvstaden. To be able to plan the display and meet any wishes, we recommend that you send a booking inquiry.

If you come on a spontaneous visit, we will briefly tell you about Älvstaden.

Älvrummet offers guided tours on weekdays at. 08.30-11.00 and 13.00-closing and Saturdays kl. 12-16.

Customize your visit

You can easily complete the visit to Älvrummet with a meeting or something to eat. Next to the Älvrummet is Lindholmen Conference Center, which offers rooms of different sizes, from two to 600 people. There is also a large selection of cafés and restaurants in the area.

For booking of premises, contact Chalmers conference at boklindlindholmen@chalmerskonferens.se or 031-772 39 50.

Cafes and restaurants

Booking request

We usually respond within 24 hours monday-friday.