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Bring the students to the city they will live and work in the future. Discover what will happen when seven sub-areas emerge, and discuss how you can take part in developing Gothenburg.

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Guided tours for companies, municipalities and organizations

As central Gothenburg grows, Älvstaden will, among other things, contribute with new workplaces, more specifically 45,000. A guided tour of the Älvrummet gives you an overview of how it can look in the future.

Contact us for a guided tour that suits you. A view takes about an hour.

You can easily complete the visit to the River Room with a meeting or something to eat.

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For you as a private person

Take part of our digital exhibition and discover our large model over the part of Gothenburg called Älvstaden. You can also get a free guided tour around the model, both as an individual or a larger group. We then tell what happens in the different areas of Älvstaden.

If you come on a spontaneous visit, we give a brief drawing about Älvstaden. For more comprehensive guidance, we want you to contact us in advance. A guided tour takes about an hour.

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Arrange events in the river room

Do you work in a management or a company in the City of Gothenburg and are interested in organizing an event in the Älvrummet, linked to the ongoing urban development? Please contact


The river room is free and open to everyone. We always strive to improve and increase accessibility, and we welcome comments.

For you with impaired vision
Guide dogs are welcome.

For those with impaired hearing
Signal dogs are welcome.

For those with reduced mobility
The exhibition lacks thresholds, and both the environment and the exhibition’s contents are generally adapted for you with a wheelchair.

For you with allergies
The river room is a non-smoking room. Assistance dogs are welcome

Toilet is located adjacent to the river room.

Parking spaces are located outside the entrance to Lindholmsallén. Taxi can drive to the entrance.

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